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Format pendrive using cmd – How to guide-2015

  • Thursday, 13 August 2015

  • Steps to Format pendrive using cmd

    This guide formats your flash drive as FAT32, to format as NTFS simply substitute the term in the command box. FAT32 is the recommended formatting style by this guide but many do prefer NTFS. Follow the Below steps to Format an unformatable Pendrive.
    Step 1. Turn on computer as normal
    Step 2. Once you are in your desktop insert Pendrive into USB port
    Please note: if you know the letters associated with your disk locations or can use a utility such as disk part to list this information then skip steps 3 and 4
    Step 3. Go into my computer (accessible from the start menu or desktop) and look down the navigation panel on the left hand side, this lists down to the popular and root menu folders and locations on your computer.
    Step 4. Your Pendrive should be listed in one of these locations, it may be referred to by brand, as portable storage or something similar. Next to this label will be a letter,
    for example “G: removable storage device ” if the device does not show up you may need to test the port to find the letter with another USB device. This letter needs to be written down or remembered in order to complete this process.
    Step 5. Go to the windows start menu, click start or the Windows symbol depending on your edition of Windows, then click run.
    Step 6. Type cmd into the run dialog box and click OK, this is to start the command prompt window from which you will be able to choose your format style and name your drive.
    Step 7. Then the command prompt window is opened and you will need to type ” Format G: ” 

    if you want to Format it as FAT32  then type ” Format G: /FS: FAT32 ”
    Step 8. The G in this instance refers to our example Pendrive location, instead you would enter the letter that you remembered or wrote down from the my computer side panel
    After you have typed the above command press enter.
    Step 9. Here, you will be asked to press enter again and then to give a name for your drive. Follow these prompts then click on enter again.

    You have completed the process of Formating pendrive using cmd; go back into my computer to check that the formatting has been completed successfully.
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    How to Schedule emails for sending them in future-2015

  • How to Schedule emails for sending them in future 2015.

    Boomerang for Gmail

    There is a plugin, names Boomerang for Gmail which is available both for Firefox andChrome which will help you to Schedule emails. This plugin is compatible with Gmail and using this you can take control of sending and receiving emails at desired time in your Gmail account.

     How to Install Boomerang

    • Open your Google chrome or Firefox Browser and visit the Boomerang website by clickingHere.
    • Once you have visited the website, click on the Install Boomerang button which is present on the website and the installation will be started.
    • You will come across a couple of steps, follow those steps and your installation will be done.
    • Once the installation has been completed, the next time you will open Gmail, Boomerang will be automatically enabled.

    How to use Boomerang

    • Using Boomerang is very easy as the interface of this plugin is very user friendly. Read the guide below on how you can use Boomerang on your Gmail account to Schedule emails.
    • Compose email like you normally do.
    • On the Compose page right next to the Send button you will see a new button named Send Later. This is the button which will help you to send email later.
    • Choose the date and time as per your schedule, whenever you want to send the email.

    Additional Features

    Schedule Recurring Message :There is one great feature which comes with Boomerang and that feature is that you can schedule recurring messages to anyone on periodic basis. Let’s say you are working in a project and you are the project leader and each week you need to ask your team member about the progress report of the project. Using Boomerang you can schedule that message using the Schedule Recurring Message feature. You will see the option to schedule recurring messages once you click on the Send later Button.
    Deal with emails later: Sometimes we don’t want to read the emails we received at that time. Boomerang will remind you to read the received mail at the time you have set. If you have sent an email to your entire team and you want that the person who is max qualified in your team should reply to It but he fails to reply it then you will be get notified.
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    How To Uninstall Programs Easily with these Third-Party Uninstallers-2015

  • Video Tutorial

    3 Third-Party uninstallers to Uninstall Programs in Windows-2015

    1) Iobit Uninstaller 3: Iobit Unisntaller is my Preferred Program to Uninstall Applications from my PC without keeping any Leftovers. Iobit uninstaller 3 is Free to use and  Comes with beautiful and user Friendly Interface, Big advantage of Iobit Uninstaller 3 is the fact that it is Portable and Light. which means you don’t need to Install this Program and can Carry it anywhere you want.
    Iobit uninstaller 3 Also Creates System Restore Point for you , It shows you the list of Programs that has been Installed on your Windows so that you Can easily Uninstall them, or Can even Batch Uninstall Programs to Speedup the Process.

    2) Comodo Program Manager: Comodo Program manager is another Program to Uninstall Programs from Windows Easily. Besides Uninstalling Programs, Comodo Program Manager Comes with Many more Usefull Features. its is Simple to use as it comes with User friendly interface. this Program also helps you to remove Drivers, services and Windows Updates.
    Comodo Program Manager Is alwasy Active and running in the Background, So whenever you try to run a setup , it checks for Malwares using thier Cloud Technology. Only Disadvantage i Find with this Program is it may use Fair amount of your Computer resource as it is always Actively running in Background.

    3) Revo Uninstaller: Revo Uninstaller is one of the Popular Third-Party software that is Used by many to Uninstall Programs.Revo uninstaller is Fast and reliable,you can uninstall single and multiple Programs easily and fast.
    It is not Available to download for Free from thier official site but you can enjoy all the features by downloading 30 days free trial pack. You may think of Purchasing if none of the above two programs Interests you Which are Free and much Better. 

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    Top 5 Websites to Improve typing Speed and skills-2015

  • Everyone using the computer wish to finish their tasks quickly. For doing this, typing plays a vital role because no matter if you are making presentations, doing content writing or even chatting you have to apply your Typing skills everywhere.
    It is dream of everyone to type rapidly and without even looking at your keyboard, just by concentrating on word over your screen which you are typing. But many of us really don’t have those great typing skills and if same is the case with you , just don’t worry .
    Here is a list of few outstanding websites which will not only increase your typing speed but also let you Improve typing Speed and minimizing typing mistakes.

    Top 5 websites to Improve typing Speed

    On you will have to select a time slice ranging from 1 minute, 2 minutes and 3 minutes. Accordingly choose one text type from given ten types and then you can begin the touch typing test
    After this test completes, website will generate a summary showing your typing speed, typing accuracy and errors that you made during your typing test. It will also categorize your typing in slow, Average or Fast in order to help you improve.
    Besides, you can also play nine different games to test your typing speed while enjoying the game at the same time.

    The website PowerTyping is an online free typing tutor website allowing you practice on both kinds of keyboards i.e. Qwerty keyboard and Dvorak keyboard. Here Qwerty keyboard will make your paragraph or words typing skills better while Dvorak keyboard will be helping you to understand the alphabet’s keys location on your keyboard. You can select your desired keyboard and take the typing practice, or you can play some typing games as well.

     3. is different from above mentioned two websites in such a manner because besides English, you can also take test for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian here. Some of which offer more than one default keyboard layout making you perfect in typing languages even other than English.
    You can choose the test type from Random words, Custom text and Imported web site or blog which gives you flexibility to practice simply anything you want.


    In you can enter a typing race, take some practices yourself and also invite your friends to a private race with chat where you can compete against them. It will not just Improve typing Speed of yours but will also help you to measuring typing speed as well as chatting with your friends at the same time. You can install TypeRacer on Facebook, Myspace, Orkut, Hi5, or Netlog  and you can also test your typing speed in Chinese, French, Japanese and many other languages.


    As per the name of website, you can test and Improve typing Speed by playing games. There are 10 different free typing games and each of them has three levels: beginner, Intermediate and advanced.
    Apart from this you can also study the typing lessons or you can take some typing tests if you don’t wish to play game and just want to practice in classical manner.
    Keep on Practicing to Achieve your Goal, If you know any other Great Website, Feel Free to Mention it in Comments.
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    Reset Your Web Browsers to its Default Settings – How to Guide-2015

  • How to reset Internet Explorer :

    Step 1: Open up Internet Explorer
    Step 2: Go to your browser menu, click on “Tools” and then select “Internet Options
    Step 3: Go to the last tab, which says “Advanced
    Step 4: You should see a “Reset Internet Explorer” setting with a “Reset…” button. Go ahead and hit that button to reset Internet Explorer.
    That was quite simple for Internet Explorer, wasn’t it?
    Now moving into Firefox and how to reset the browser. Here is the easiest way for you to reset Firefox without any problems.

    How to reset Firefox :

    Step 1: Open up Firefox
    Step 2: Go to the Firefox button on the top left, hover over “Help” section and then you will see the option “Troubleshooting Information.” Go ahead and click on that option.
    Step 3: There will be a new tab that will open. On the top right, there will be an option to “Reset Firefox.” Please backup your data (if you need to) before resetting Firefox.
    Step 4: Click the “Reset Firefox” button. It will bring up a pop up that will as you to confirm the command. Initiate the command and your browser will reset.

    Now that we have Internet Explorer and Firefox out of the way, it’s time to move onto Google Chrome.
    Please make sure to backup all necessary data before proceeding with the reset process. This cannot be stressed enough, and there is no way you will be able to retrieve anything after its reset and deleted.

    Resetting Google Chrome :

    Step 1: Close down Google Chrome and stop all browser processes.
    Step 2: Proceed to locating the installation folder of Google Chrome.
    Step 3: Once you’re in the installation folder, go to the User Data folder, located (for example) here:
    C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\User Data.
    Step 4: Locate a file with the name “Default” and then rename it to “Default.old”
    Step 5: Close the window; launch Google Chrome and a new “Default” file will be created.
    In this reset process of Chrome, your data is still located in the user data just in case you may want to access it again. Unlike other browsers where your data is completely deleted, here you have a chance to save the file. You can even move the file to another location for safe keeping if you need to use it later on.
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    How To Create Run Commands in Windows-2015

  • Open Run Command:

    Before I show you how to create your own Run commands, let’s take a quick look on how to open Run Command. First of all, you need to open the Run window by just pressing the Windows Key along with the R key, i.e. Windows + R. Now, you have to type the name of the program that you desire to open up or execute. Unfortunately, not all programs can be accessed through this method. So, let me show you how to create Run commands that do not come as inbuilt commands.

    Steps to Create run commands of your own

    Step 1. The first step is to select the software or application for which you want to make custom Run command. For example, let us consider Google Chrome as the example here. Remember, you can choose any application other than which is already there in the Run command.

    Step 2. In the second step, right click on the desktop of your computer system and make a new shortcut.
    Right click > New > Shortcut

    Step 3. As you select the Shortcut option in the 2nd Step, it will open up a dialog box. And, the dialog box will ask you path of the application or software for which you want to create the Run command.

    Step 4. Now, you need to browse through the files and choose the one that shows “chrome.exe”. Well, it is quite obvious that all the executable files can be found in the C drive (or wherever the Operating System has been installed), inside the folder “Program Files”. For example, “C:\Program Files\Google Chrome\chrome.exe

    Step 5. Once you are done with Step number 4, just click on “Next” button and simply provide a relative name to that shortcut. Remember, the same name will be used later in the Run command.
    For example, “GC” for Google Chrome

    Step 6. Now, click on the “Finish” button. Once it is done, an icon related to that application or software will show up on your computer’s screen. It means that the process of creating shortcut has been done successfully.

    Step 7. In this step, just cut and paste that recently made shortcut icon into your computer’s root drive, in its Windows folder.
    For example, C:\ Windows , Make sure you are the administrator of the computer or have its password.

    Step 8. Now, you are done with the set up and can run the application through Run Command. Just go to Run and enter the keyword “GC”, and Google Chrome will begin executing.
    So this was a Short but Usefull Tutorial to Create Run Commands for any software in windows,I Hope this Post will Easeup your Work, Stay Tuned and Subscribe to this Blog to Recieve Updates Everytime a New article is posted. Subscribe Box.
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    How to Watch Youtube Videos in VLC Media Player-2015

  • Now let us Get Started With Steps to Watch Youtube Videos In VLC, Follow the Below Simple Steps.
    Step 1: Open VLC media player, Click on File > Open Network Or Simply Use CTRL+N Keys to Open up Network URL Dialog box.
    Step 2: Open Youtube, Navigate to Whatever Video you want to Play in VLC, Copy the Url of that video and Paste it in the Dialogue Box. and Click on Play.
    Step 3: Enjoy Your Video.
    Simple Enough hah, Now Let us see How to Watch Youtube Playlist In VLC Media Player.
    Step 1: To Watch Youtube Playlists in VLC we will be Using an addon, So Click here to Goto the Downloading Page of the VLC addon Called VLC Playlist Parser. Make sure you have Latest Version of VLC Running on your system.
    Step 2: Download the addon, Copy it and Paste it in Videos Installation folder which in most cases would be C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\playlist. 
    Step 3: Everything is done, Now Open VLC, Press CTRL+N Paste Video Playlist URL Which need to be Public. Click on Play and Enjoy all the Videos.
    I Just Hope this tutorial on How to Watch Youtube Videos in VLC Media Player Helps all you Youtube Lovers.

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